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  1. Movie Review: Time Lapse (Bradley King)

    CAPSULE: Time Lapse offers a nifty little time paradox story. Three people in their early twenties manage an apartment building. They discover that one of the residents has died, leaving a mysterious camera that takes pictures 24 hours into the future. This is a machine that should be able to give them the world if […]

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  2. Book Review: The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies (Martin Millar)

    The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies by Martin Millar Soft Skull Press (May 12, 2015)   A Light-Hearted Story of Peace, Poetry and Love Scottish author Martin Millar, well-known especially for his novel Lux The Poet and Kalix The Werewolf book series, set his newest work, The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies in Athens during […]

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  3. Science Corner: A Whirlwind Tour of the Human Genome

    Image by Micah Baldwin   The human genome is present in virtually every cell of our bodies, and contains the complete set of instructions to build a human being. The first effort to read that instruction book—the Human Genome Project—wrapped up in 2001. Even then, it was clear that our genome was a large, complex, […]

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  4. Artist Spotlight: Chris Drysdale

    Chris Drysdale is a Canadian artist and illustrator living in British Colombia.   Iulian: Tell us a little bit about yourself: where did you grow up and how did your early life influence your future as an artist? Chris: I grew up in western Canada and spent most of my time reading, drawing, and enjoying […]

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  5. Interview with Author Fran Wilde

    Fran Wilde is an author and technology consultant. Her first novel, Updraft, is forthcoming from Tor/Macmillan in September of 2015. Her short stories have appeared in publications including Asimov’s, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Nature, and Her interview series Cooking the Books—about the intersection between food and fiction—has appeared at Strange Horizons,, and on her […]

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  6. Interview with Author Martin Millar

    Photograph: Mandi Peers/Codex Books   Martin Millar is a critically acclaimed Scottish author from Glasgow, now living in London. He is the author of such novels as Lonely Werewolf Girl, The Good Fairies of New York, and Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me. He wrote the Thraxas series under the name of Martin Scott, and won […]

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  7. Issue 8 Introduction

    The summer is here and you’re probably resting on a beach, or hiking a mountain, or both. But you never forget about reading, do you? No you don’t… And here we come to the rescue with another packed issue, filled with monsters, aliens, knights, spaceships, and dragons. We start strong with Tony Peak’s “The Light […]

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  8. Shamrock – Part 3 – Fury Uncaged

    Written by Josh Brown, art by Alberto Hernandez © 2015 Josh Brown 1,891 total views, 1 views today

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  9. For the Heart I Never Had

    The shadow fell over every palm and limestone arch. A hush washed over the market as shoppers set down their baskets and gazed up. In the distance, a gong announced the strike of noon. That was Azai’s signal. Some people spent a few seconds in prayer, others minutes, but merchant and beggar alike took at […]

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  10. Haze

    Spring was always the hardest time: the air was laden with guilt. Arno breathed it in with the smell of sap rising. Spring was reddening the tips of the dogwood and swelling the ends of twigs with its promise. Arno felt its pull, sweet and sad, a time of things passing. He glanced towards the […]

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  11. Making Ends Meet

    The online ad hovered somewhere just between “free babysitting” and “get rich working from home” on the sketchy-meter, but I was sneaking up on my fourteenth month of unemployment. So, recalling the lessons of my short stint in law school, I pondered the landmark case of Beggar v. Chooser and scribbled down the address on […]

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  12. From Mutsumi

    When she saw him on the stone bridge, sakura raining down upon his oblivious shoulders, she nearly stopped breathing. He was slim, young—looking, serious, and absorbed in the cracked leather book in his hands. Smart but adorably shy—who but a soft-spoken academic would come to a bridge in the height of sakura season, not to […]

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  13. The Magister’s Clock

    A door hinged open in the golden face of the clock. Saffiah stood in front of it, not breathing, waiting for an answer. The flame of her torch sputtered in the cold air. The miraculous timepiece whirred and ticked and whirred again. She shouldn’t have asked her question, but the temptation had been just too […]

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  14. The Gunman on the Wall

    There is a question. A single question leeching on the deepest, darkest part of our minds. Tucked away, trying to hide. But it’s there. We can’t escape it, no matter how hard we try. Because it stares down at us every single day, every single life. Always there, looking down at us, hiding half the […]

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  15. ReMemories

    The nanoprocessor points lit up, flashing blue in each corner of the wall of windows in my daughter Miell’s swanky apartment. A bigger than life vid appeared, the date showing on the lower right. I advanced it until I found the memory I wanted: Hayes’ sixth birthday. What was I expecting? A joyful birthday party. […]

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  16. White Horse

    Why hadn’t he asked her? Stinking, soupy mud soaked into Adam’s clothes as he crawled forward through the tall, whispering grass. Gretchen would have married him if he had just asked. Probably. Maybe. The pungent smell of crushed vegetation caught in his nose, making him want to sneeze. He rubbed his face hard. The mud-scented […]

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  17. Minor Disasters

    The news wasn’t even news anymore—that was the problem. It was full of shoe styles and celebrities and five year olds who could play Mozart. Yeah, there was the occasional tear jerker about a local house fire and some sensationalist crap, like that story about a thousand dead birds falling out of the sky that […]

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  18. The Light Comes

    Dynaea walked down the dormitory aisle, gray robe swishing at her bare heels. Though she’d long passed the need to go barefoot in an effort to remain awake, she still followed the custom. It didn’t feel right to wear shoes around those she guarded while they slept. Dozens of still forms lay under blankets, their […]

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