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  1. Mother Salt and her Sisters

    We sit, my sister and I, watching surf break on the rocks. In the distance, a lone schooner swings in the storm, white sail all a’panic. “It’s your turn,” I whisper. Shaye nods. She cracks open the crab in her hands and sucks out the flesh. She grins, showing jagged teeth. I offer her the […]

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  2. Shamrock #6 – Perseverance

    Written by Josh Brown, art by Alberto Hernandez © 2016 Josh Brown 1,999 total views, no views today

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  3. Have You Seen Me?

    Marissa huddled in the middle of her living room as a thousand missing people chanted around her. Find me. Find me. Find me. The chorus muffled Daniel’s words, though he stood right before her, fists clenched, eyes pinched. She forced herself to pay attention, sensing the final thread of their relationship unravel. “I’m gone for […]

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  4. The Velna Valsis

    Herr Doktor Ostermann drops the needle. A scratchy hiss fills the decayed splendor of Charlotte’s Viennese apartment. Outside, night is falling and a crowd gathers in the plaza. There are angry shouts—”Murderers! Juden!”—the sound of dogs barking. Charlotte does not know the reason for the commotion, nor does she care; her world has shrunk to […]

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  5. The Great Excuse

    I wish I had died without seeing those things. Then it would’ve been simple: there I’d be, just another homeless drunk, stiff in some alley somewhere. I could handle the dull remorse in those last moments, and the knowledge that I had wasted my life. The tragedy would’ve been a local one. Long forgotten by […]

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  6. How I Lost Eleven Stone and Found Love

    People always ask me, “Does it hurt?” I tell them the truth. “No, it doesn’t hurt at all.” If they’re the mean type—the kind of people who say, “Why don’t you just diet?”—I whistle for Charlie. Then I say, “Because this is better. Do you want to try it? Don’t worry—he won’t bite. Well, he […]

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  7. Talking with Honored Guests

    Olufemi bowed his head and rubbed his temples. His braids fell like a curtain, shielding his grimace. He musn’t become angry. For a moment, he imagined his internal fire exploding, flames escaping his pores to engulf the small hut and the guildsmen quarreling in it. Their shouting continued. “A mere blacksmith disrepects the Main of […]

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  8. Battle Lines

    A band of alabaster orbs slipped through Aidan’s fingers and into the night. His eyes traced their arc as they soared away and melted into the sea of shadows below. He wanted to see where they would land, who they would find, but the auburn seraph at his side beckoned. Laughter and melody enveloped them, […]

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  9. The Water Moon

    “Mamãe, can I take Alfredo?” Ivan Karlo Batista, in his pajamas, was holding Alfredo up by his floppy green arm. “Of course, darling. We’re leaving Selenia and we’re going to travel to Brazil in a big ship. Isn’t that exciting?” “What about Papãe?” “Papãe . . . is going to come later, but we have to leave tonight.” […]

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  10. Red Cup

    The seed’s shell cracked. A shoot pushed up through the soil, striving for the surface and sunlight. It broke into the brightness of a new life as its roots dove into the ground, absorbing life-giving nutrients and water. The plant continued to grow through many cycles of sunlight, rain, and darkness. Its stem extended beyond […]

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  11. Sundark and Winterling

    Sundark awoke to rain drumming on the windowpane and dripping from the eaves. In the street below, the footsteps of early risers splashed along the cobbles. None paused outside her house; the house that was once the dragon, Winterling. It was almost as though most of the people had all but forgotten it was there; a splash of jewels and dragon-skin against the shadowy gothic spires and crooked mansions that spread through the old district. They were used to living alongside the fae, so many people thought the music that rilled from the roof and rained down from the eaves on moonlit nights was just a clever trick, when they bothered to notice it at all.

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  12. Shamrock – Part 5 – Monkey Business

    Written by Josh Brown, art by Alberto Hernandez © 2015 Josh Brown 1,833 total views, no views today

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  13. Lost Souls

    My mistress told me three things. She said that butterflies were the souls of lost children, that silkworm larva were women, transformed by an evil magician to weave silk for the emperor. She said that millions of mummified Egyptian cats had been sent to Great Britain, where they were ground into powder and used to […]

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  14. The Answer

    He knew he was getting close when he began to find the bones. They were difficult to identify initially, scattered haphazardly among the rocks and assorted detritus that littered the floor of the cave. He spotted the first one almost by accident—a dirty, gray thing which looked as if it had once been chewed thoroughly […]

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  15. Dancing An Elegy, His Own

    The couple dances on the stage in silence. The lights dim gently, shrouding them with shadow. Suddenly they stop, a living statue of affliction. The audience holds its breath. The moment seems to go on forever. They wish it would never end. But the dancers break it, shatter it to pieces. They move. The viewers […]

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  16. Protecting Nessie

    Agatha opened the door to the Grubby Shoat. She paused, and, while her eyes adjusted to the gloom, a gust of wind blew a squall of rain through the door. Despite the fog of candle and fire smoke, she saw the elderly barkeeper turn pale. “Be at ease, old man. We seek more virile prey.” […]

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  17. Kara’s Ares

    Kara didn’t need to turn to know whose steps halted behind her, their sound a discord against the soothing thrum of the ship’s rotating gravity cylinder. Their destination, still a dull red disc, glowed at the corner of Lightwell‘s tiny, transparent observation bulb. “Take a good look.” Salat crouched behind her, his whisper pointless aboard […]

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  18. The Empty Faux-Historical Residential Unit

    Data incoming Galactic Medical Corps system tracer alert Query “Watson_J+Earth+reintegration” returned Watson, J – Identity confirmed w/ DNA scan Spaceport 762 – Earth re-entry approved Reintegration Center 12 – New London – arrival logged 23:14 05032195 Loading program “consciousness_backup33_2” 12.75 hrs remaining Ping “Holmes_M” I wake to sunlight—real, natural sunlight—streaming in through the naked window, […]

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  19. Last Age of Kings

    Fog approached the town. Roshar knew it would happen, but it was still unsettling to see it touch the outskirts of his home. The day before, you could still see the fields. And the week before that Lithgard was still visible if you looked hard enough. But they had all been swallowed up by the spectral fog that scrubbed them out of existence.

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  20. The Hummingbird Air

    The outlander sat cross-legged on the lip of the oasis at Nagba, a pure, infinitely deep turquoise well-pool set in the chalk-stone of the Drakat. His eyes were closed, or seemed to be, under the shadow of a plain broad hat circled by a shimmering band of feathers. One hand upward to the sun, one inverted to the earth, he meditated the Driftage rune of transience. Drone bees thirsting to drink at the pool gave voice to the heat of a Drakat noonday: fierce and constant, fierce and unwelcoming.

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