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  1. The Genie and the Inquisitor

    Gray smoke billowed from the broken glass ornament, and from the smoke emerged a face. The chin appeared first—a sharpened cone with a beard, pointed like pencil lead—then the grin, wide and bright, two parallel rows of pristine teeth. The eyes blinked, then opened, circles of clear water with tight blue orbs for pupils. The genie pitched its head back and laughed, a raucous sound, like boulders racing down a cliff.

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  2. The Parting Gift

    I lay face down in the middle of Cobalt Lake, arms and legs splayed in the dead man’s float, waiting for my sister to die. Annie hadn’t stirred when my father tried to rouse her this morning. My mother had hovered near her bedside, and the hospice nurse had lingered in the doorway, trying to […]

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  3. Shamrock – Part 4 – Hero’s Scream

    Written by Josh Brown, art by Alberto Hernandez © 2015 Josh Brown 1,803 total views, no views today

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  4. Scents of Life

    Katie walked hand-in-hand with her grandfather along the forest path. Dappled light filtered through the trees. She liked the roughness of his hand in hers and the way his eyes always seemed to smile, even when it didn’t show on his face. Whenever she stumbled over a stone or a root or her own feet, […]

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  5. Where the Millennials Went

    It used to be that a girl child of eleven or twelve could slip into the Garden of Sweet Tea and Crisps on any errant sunbeam, just as long as the sunbeam entered her window at a forty-five degree angle to the wooden cracks in her bedroom floor. Naturally. When she felt so inclined, she […]

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  6. Exit Strategy

    Delevan looked around the nondescript street again and squinted down at the scrap of cloth in his hand. 12 Carver’s Street, 2nd bell. This was the place. Delevan knocked hard on the solid oak door. Just because someone wanted to play faces and masks with him, didn’t mean he needed to participate. He knocked again, […]

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  7. Beneath the Raven’s Wing

    The haunting masculine voice that had drawn Moira into the night tickled at the edge of her hearing, rich and sweet as honey fresh from the hive, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere, but always just ahead in the heavy fog that swirled over the lands around Castle Clary. Moira picked her way forward. […]

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  8. Fountain

    Maude stepped back from the shadeglass, squinting. They had said the future would be bright, but this was ridiculous. Shielding her eyes, she looked past Martin, curled up on the rocking chair on the porch, and tried to make out the origins of the approaching dust cloud. Riders—it looked like—though who would be out with […]

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  9. Sea Found

    I‘d been so aroused by the idea of him for so long, actually seeing him was like a first kiss. The Young Man of the Sea. He’d haunted the shore for a century. Thinking of him had become a full-time job. Our family’s summer cottage sat squat on the Connecticut coast, on a rough piece […]

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  10. When Angels Wear Butterfly Wings

    The two sat alone in the forward pew, the child dressed all in white, her mother in black. The little girl wore a pair of butterfly wings strapped to her shoulders. “Momma? Can little girls fly?” “Of course they can,” the mother whispered. The woman held a tattered scrapbook in her lap. She turned the […]

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  11. Thomas Lynne

    In the summer I turned seventeen, just two weeks after school let out, Thomas Lynne came rolling into town in that old heap of a car he stole from his daddy. It was a 1973 Chrysler LeBaron, the ugliest damn car you ever seen in your life. It had peeling flat red paint and a […]

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  12. Shamrock – Part 3 – Fury Uncaged

    Written by Josh Brown, art by Alberto Hernandez © 2015 Josh Brown 2,076 total views, no views today

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  13. For the Heart I Never Had

    The shadow fell over every palm and limestone arch. A hush washed over the market as shoppers set down their baskets and gazed up. In the distance, a gong announced the strike of noon. That was Azai’s signal. Some people spent a few seconds in prayer, others minutes, but merchant and beggar alike took at […]

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  14. Haze

    Spring was always the hardest time: the air was laden with guilt. Arno breathed it in with the smell of sap rising. Spring was reddening the tips of the dogwood and swelling the ends of twigs with its promise. Arno felt its pull, sweet and sad, a time of things passing. He glanced towards the […]

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  15. Making Ends Meet

    The online ad hovered somewhere just between “free babysitting” and “get rich working from home” on the sketchy-meter, but I was sneaking up on my fourteenth month of unemployment. So, recalling the lessons of my short stint in law school, I pondered the landmark case of Beggar v. Chooser and scribbled down the address on […]

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  16. From Mutsumi

    When she saw him on the stone bridge, sakura raining down upon his oblivious shoulders, she nearly stopped breathing. He was slim, young—looking, serious, and absorbed in the cracked leather book in his hands. Smart but adorably shy—who but a soft-spoken academic would come to a bridge in the height of sakura season, not to […]

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  17. The Magister’s Clock

    A door hinged open in the golden face of the clock. Saffiah stood in front of it, not breathing, waiting for an answer. The flame of her torch sputtered in the cold air. The miraculous timepiece whirred and ticked and whirred again. She shouldn’t have asked her question, but the temptation had been just too […]

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  18. The Gunman on the Wall

    There is a question. A single question leeching on the deepest, darkest part of our minds. Tucked away, trying to hide. But it’s there. We can’t escape it, no matter how hard we try. Because it stares down at us every single day, every single life. Always there, looking down at us, hiding half the […]

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  19. ReMemories

    The nanoprocessor points lit up, flashing blue in each corner of the wall of windows in my daughter Miell’s swanky apartment. A bigger than life vid appeared, the date showing on the lower right. I advanced it until I found the memory I wanted: Hayes’ sixth birthday. What was I expecting? A joyful birthday party. […]

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  20. White Horse

    Why hadn’t he asked her? Stinking, soupy mud soaked into Adam’s clothes as he crawled forward through the tall, whispering grass. Gretchen would have married him if he had just asked. Probably. Maybe. The pungent smell of crushed vegetation caught in his nose, making him want to sneeze. He rubbed his face hard. The mud-scented […]

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