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Fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories between 500 and 1500 words.

  1. Murmuration

    Clara stepped back from the floor-to-ceiling window, her breath tightening in her chest. On the mulch below the sill lay the crooked figure of a bluebird, its claws curled tight against its breast. Two downy feathers stuck to the glass, nearly transparent in the sunshine. The backs of Clara’s knees bumped into the edge of […]

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  2. Standard Deviant

    Ashley crouched behind the Audi, watching her boyfriend through the plate glass window of the Denny’s restaurant. The red and yellow neon sign above punctured the darkness. Pancakes. Coffee. And, visible in the window below: her sweet, sweet Brut. He was sprawled sideways in the booth, leaning back against the window, plaid Hurley cap tilted, […]

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  3. My Mother After Life

    After my mother died, she came into the house every night and cleaned. I could hear the water running and pans settling into the dish rack. I wanted to yell down for her to rest in peace or something, but I knew she would not hear me. So I tried to clean every inch of […]

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  4. Pealing Skin

    Beryl, smiled at the postman and placed her next door neighbor’s parcel on the floor. At home all day, she often took in packages for those who were out at work. Before closing the door, she glanced across the corridor. Edith hadn’t taken in her newspaper yet. If it was still there at tea-time she […]

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  5. O!

    “A soul?” The shopkeeper was a small, wiry man, with eyes the color of warm caramel. “I’m afraid not, ma’am. Not really in our line, you see.” He glanced at something under the counter before him, and called to the back room, “Rion, could you come out for a moment?” “Your sign says ‘Sundries’,” said […]

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  6. “What Was Meant to Be Buried”

    I dreamed of dismantling him. He wasn’t the first. I dreamed of dismantling others, too, before and after. But mostly him, for what he did to me when I was small and we were meant to be gorging on chocolate milk and graham crackers while we waited the half hour for my mother to get […]

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  7. “My So-Called Life in Reruns”

    I was on the couch watching Star Trek. It was the original pilot episode with Captain Pike getting trapped on a planet called Talos IV. I’d seen it so many times it no longer felt like watching television; it felt like remembering. And like all the reruns they allowed me to watch, the episode comforted […]

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  8. Talking with Honored Guests

    Olufemi bowed his head and rubbed his temples. His braids fell like a curtain, shielding his grimace. He musn’t become angry. For a moment, he imagined his internal fire exploding, flames escaping his pores to engulf the small hut and the guildsmen quarreling in it. Their shouting continued. “A mere blacksmith disrepects the Main of […]

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  9. Battle Lines

    A band of alabaster orbs slipped through Aidan’s fingers and into the night. His eyes traced their arc as they soared away and melted into the sea of shadows below. He wanted to see where they would land, who they would find, but the auburn seraph at his side beckoned. Laughter and melody enveloped them, […]

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  10. When Angels Wear Butterfly Wings

    The two sat alone in the forward pew, the child dressed all in white, her mother in black. The little girl wore a pair of butterfly wings strapped to her shoulders. “Momma? Can little girls fly?” “Of course they can,” the mother whispered. The woman held a tattered scrapbook in her lap. She turned the […]

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  11. From Mutsumi

    When she saw him on the stone bridge, sakura raining down upon his oblivious shoulders, she nearly stopped breathing. He was slim, young—looking, serious, and absorbed in the cracked leather book in his hands. Smart but adorably shy—who but a soft-spoken academic would come to a bridge in the height of sakura season, not to […]

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  12. The Magister’s Clock

    A door hinged open in the golden face of the clock. Saffiah stood in front of it, not breathing, waiting for an answer. The flame of her torch sputtered in the cold air. The miraculous timepiece whirred and ticked and whirred again. She shouldn’t have asked her question, but the temptation had been just too […]

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  13. Meat

    Try as I might, Master, I fail. Keep the house clean and keep red meat in the fridge, he said. These are menial tasks, yet I fail. He will be unhappy that his bank account has been drained. This weeks-long power outage causes no end of trouble. Without electricity the meat rots and must be replaced daily. Meat is expensive, and Master’s account has had no deposits since he left for this unusually long business trip. Without money, acquiring meat is difficult, sources scarcer every day. A knock sounds on the door. I open it and greet the two police officers, one man and one woman. The man looks at me and then at the woman. “This household doesn’t have any registered bots.”

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  14. Human Bones

    Theod didn’t like to think of it as depression that had him lingering by the tracks, readying to jump at the right moment. It felt more like advanced boredom, but neither did he like ennui, as the insufferably hip named it. He refused to join those ranks, and while he didn’t really want to hurt himself, he wouldn’t mind being dead if it meant he didn’t have to get up and go to work in the morning.

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  15. Sticks and Stones

    Waking up on a chipmunk’s back racing through the underbrush might sound cute. It’s not. Up close, chipmunks sorta smell like a dumpster fire. Plus, the first time you see a parasite, a semi-translucent tube sock full of dark blood the size of your forearm, emerge from the fur and then disappear like a breaching whale, you lose all thought of Alvin, Simon, and Theodor.

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  16. The White Snake

    You didn’t know me the second time you said “Hello.” You couldn’t have known we’d met before, because people don’t believe in spirits in this modern day. Everything is decided, neatly parceled into little bits of what is considered possible and what is not. I am just a myth. But when I look at you, gazing back at me from your seat beside my hospital bed, I know what is real. We are real, what we share is real, and I am dying.

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  17. Incriminating Evidence

    “You won’t tell anyone this.” I don’t remind Magnus that I can’t. Besides, his is a knee-jerk sort of question, the one he always asks at the start of a session. “You’re the only one I can talk to,” he says. I nod, doodling on a piece of paper, its edges so charred that the […]

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  18. Your Cities

    I was thinking of you. It was late and the lights in the bar were set low, creating the cozy, private feeling that you always found so depressing in those sorts of places. They’re my sort of place now, but there was nothing private about the mass of people pressing on me as we stared […]

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  19. Seaside Sirens, 1848

    “Let’s race to the shore,” William challenged. “I’m not interested,” Arthur said. He watched his twin’s shoulders droop and his gait slacken, then he took off toward the water. Deceit was always his surest path to victory. “That was a dirty trick,” William protested as he caught up to his brother. Arthur ignored him. His […]

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  20. #Dragonspit

    Dragon spit went global just after midnight on the 23rd January 2016. It wasn’t intentional. Tam Duncan was playing about on Twitter when he came across a photograph of a cute cat and a Game of Thrones character. He’d had a few beers, and he posted what he was thinking. @tamd See that #GRRM – […]

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