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Fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories of up to 500 words.

  1. Little Sprout

    Hush. Hush. They come. The hungry ones. Go hide in the closet. Whatever you hear, don’t you dare come out. Of course I’ll hug you, but quickly now, and remember, I love you. No, nothing will happen to me because the soldiers will be here soon, and they’ll take care of the hungry ones. Keep […]

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  2. Bandit

    I was mowing the lawn on my tractor when a raccoon jumped out from a line of trees. Luckily I stopped in time. The raccoon waddled to the side and I continued on. I was amazed to find the raccoon keeping pace with the tractor. I decided to name the raccoon Bandit. It’s not the most original name but riding around the lawn doesn’t lend itself to creativity.

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  3. Wind in the Reeds

    They say he was there when the gods made the world-and he would have offered to help, except that they looked like they had it in hand. So he sat in the absence of reeds and played on the absence of a flute, and where he dawdled those things came to be. […]

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