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  1. Bedroom Community

    I can’t hear most things anymore, but the thwunk of the bowstring is near enough to my ear to register. It has become as pleasing a sound as I can ever remember hearing. Ever, that is, since the world changed. But another sound follows, loud enough that it screeches like burning rubber against my eardrum. […]

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  2. Standard Deviant

    Ashley crouched behind the Audi, watching her boyfriend through the plate glass window of the Denny’s restaurant. The red and yellow neon sign above punctured the darkness. Pancakes. Coffee. And, visible in the window below: her sweet, sweet Brut. He was sprawled sideways in the booth, leaning back against the window, plaid Hurley cap tilted, […]

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  3. TOP SECRET: The Union Station Hypersphere Incident

    Commander Bowman: I have confirmed that five of our operatives sacrificed their lives to acquire this document. Four were summarily shot upon capture; the last delivered this document to the drop point and swallowed her standard-issue cyanide capsule as the Special Forces converged. But after reading this document—just a summary of the official report given […]

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  4. Skies of Sand and Steel

    The floating Chrome City is always hot, but today it was scorching. Wrapped in roasting heat, the sun cooked the bleached boardwalk to a crisp. Giant hydraulic fans mounted to cafés, restaurants, and shops spun frantically to fight off the ceaseless heatwave, drawing customers with the promise of ice-cold drinks. I strolled over to the […]

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  5. “Beyond the Turning Orrery”

    “Know this, if there is one lesson to take from me. Know that sin is worse than the unwinding.” I remember Maestro Iron Bars ending each lesson with those words. As boys, in the safety of our dorm we would mock him: “Remember. Remember,” we would say in onerous voices. But he was wise. I […]

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  6. “My So-Called Life in Reruns”

    I was on the couch watching Star Trek. It was the original pilot episode with Captain Pike getting trapped on a planet called Talos IV. I’d seen it so many times it no longer felt like watching television; it felt like remembering. And like all the reruns they allowed me to watch, the episode comforted […]

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  7. How I Lost Eleven Stone and Found Love

    People always ask me, “Does it hurt?” I tell them the truth. “No, it doesn’t hurt at all.” If they’re the mean type—the kind of people who say, “Why don’t you just diet?”—I whistle for Charlie. Then I say, “Because this is better. Do you want to try it? Don’t worry—he won’t bite. Well, he […]

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  8. Battle Lines

    A band of alabaster orbs slipped through Aidan’s fingers and into the night. His eyes traced their arc as they soared away and melted into the sea of shadows below. He wanted to see where they would land, who they would find, but the auburn seraph at his side beckoned. Laughter and melody enveloped them, […]

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  9. The Water Moon

    “Mamãe, can I take Alfredo?” Ivan Karlo Batista, in his pajamas, was holding Alfredo up by his floppy green arm. “Of course, darling. We’re leaving Selenia and we’re going to travel to Brazil in a big ship. Isn’t that exciting?” “What about Papãe?” “Papãe . . . is going to come later, but we have to leave tonight.” […]

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  10. The Answer

    He knew he was getting close when he began to find the bones. They were difficult to identify initially, scattered haphazardly among the rocks and assorted detritus that littered the floor of the cave. He spotted the first one almost by accident—a dirty, gray thing which looked as if it had once been chewed thoroughly […]

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  11. Dancing An Elegy, His Own

    The couple dances on the stage in silence. The lights dim gently, shrouding them with shadow. Suddenly they stop, a living statue of affliction. The audience holds its breath. The moment seems to go on forever. They wish it would never end. But the dancers break it, shatter it to pieces. They move. The viewers […]

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  12. Kara’s Ares

    Kara didn’t need to turn to know whose steps halted behind her, their sound a discord against the soothing thrum of the ship’s rotating gravity cylinder. Their destination, still a dull red disc, glowed at the corner of Lightwell‘s tiny, transparent observation bulb. “Take a good look.” Salat crouched behind her, his whisper pointless aboard […]

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  13. The Empty Faux-Historical Residential Unit

    Data incoming Galactic Medical Corps system tracer alert Query “Watson_J+Earth+reintegration” returned Watson, J – Identity confirmed w/ DNA scan Spaceport 762 – Earth re-entry approved Reintegration Center 12 – New London – arrival logged 23:14 05032195 Loading program “consciousness_backup33_2” 12.75 hrs remaining Ping “Holmes_M” I wake to sunlight—real, natural sunlight—streaming in through the naked window, […]

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  14. Fountain

    Maude stepped back from the shadeglass, squinting. They had said the future would be bright, but this was ridiculous. Shielding her eyes, she looked past Martin, curled up on the rocking chair on the porch, and tried to make out the origins of the approaching dust cloud. Riders—it looked like—though who would be out with […]

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  15. Haze

    Spring was always the hardest time: the air was laden with guilt. Arno breathed it in with the smell of sap rising. Spring was reddening the tips of the dogwood and swelling the ends of twigs with its promise. Arno felt its pull, sweet and sad, a time of things passing. He glanced towards the […]

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  16. From Mutsumi

    When she saw him on the stone bridge, sakura raining down upon his oblivious shoulders, she nearly stopped breathing. He was slim, young—looking, serious, and absorbed in the cracked leather book in his hands. Smart but adorably shy—who but a soft-spoken academic would come to a bridge in the height of sakura season, not to […]

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  17. ReMemories

    The nanoprocessor points lit up, flashing blue in each corner of the wall of windows in my daughter Miell’s swanky apartment. A bigger than life vid appeared, the date showing on the lower right. I advanced it until I found the memory I wanted: Hayes’ sixth birthday. What was I expecting? A joyful birthday party. […]

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  18. Conversations with a Ghost

    “Mom, I’ve come to say goodbye.” “That’s a funny way to say hello, Julie. Good morning to you too.” “I’m serious. You needed to know.” “Know what?” “I’m turning you off. Deleting the simulation.” “Hun, I’m self-aware, remember?” “That’s what the techs say, but I’ve never really believed it. You’re just tricky programming. Algorithms crafted […]

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  19. When the Dead Are Indexed

    Can’t tell you how pleased I was to find a ticket to the exhibit about all those dead authors. My mother, see, she was a real big fan of the late 21st century classics—anything by Carter, Lee, Nguyen—you name it, she read it. She even had a collection of real books, old stuff her gram […]

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  20. Beyond the Visible Spectrum

    In sleep I see what lies beyond this world. Vast shapes skulk in the cold crevasses of the cosmos and slither through the fissures of reality. They glide through the void in perpetual craving, unscathed by the ravages of time and cellular decay. They are as they once were, and as they will continue to […]

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