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  1. The Contents of the Box with the Ribbon

    Death arrived in London in a plain, brown, cardboard box topped with a ribbon.
    Martha Bazelton found the box on her stoop early on a chilly Tuesday morning. Expecting to see little but the week’s milk when she opened her door, Mrs. Bazelton instead took her first steps toward her own gruesome and painful death by cocking her head to the side with curiosity. Then she leaned down and picked up the object of mass doom[…]

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  2. These Are The Things Our Hands Have Made

    And then there was the day when the transmission towers came to life. Before then, I had thought of power lines as held up only by those stripped and ratty-looking twigs that line every street in the city. Those utility poles are tall, yes, and sturdy, yes, and covered in creosote, yes, but they remind me of nothing more than Slim Jims fit for the gods. […]

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