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  1. Book Review: Company Town (Madeline Ashby)

    Company Town by Madeline Ashby Tor Books (May 17, 2016)   Ever wondered what it would be like to live on a floating town of a mining station far from land? Or, more importantly, what would it mean to be the rare completely organic person among variously augmented people? Madeline Ashby did, and undoubtedly asked herself […]

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  2. Book Review: God of Clay (Ryan Campbell)

    God of Clay by Ryan Campbell Sofawolf Press (September, 2013)   What a gem I have found. God of Clay, a book full of great imagery, great dialogue, and exciting adventure follows three main characters: Doto, an anthropomorphic leopard deity, son of Kwaee, the leopard god of the forest, and Clay and Laughing Dog, who are […]

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  3. Book Review: Updraft (Fran Wilde)

    Updraft by Fran Wilde Tor Books (September 1, 2015) The subgenre of young adult speculative fiction is on the rise, and one of its new interesting elements is Fran Wilde’s debut novel Updraft. Wilde presents an original secondary world of a city of rising bone towers, connected, less commonly, by bridges, and more frequently by […]

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  4. Book Review: Half a War (Joe Abercrombie)

    Half a War by Joe Abercrombie Del Rey (July 28, 2015) Abercrombie is a rare beast of a writer. Having penned half a dozen massive, rather unapologetically adult fantasy novels, his latest endeavour has swerved across to the young-adult genre, aiming for a much tighter, less jagged, and more accessible experience. He essentially performed a […]

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  5. Book Review: The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies (Martin Millar)

    The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies by Martin Millar Soft Skull Press (May 12, 2015)   A Light-Hearted Story of Peace, Poetry and Love Scottish author Martin Millar, well-known especially for his novel Lux The Poet and Kalix The Werewolf book series, set his newest work, The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies in Athens during […]

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  6. Book Review: A Princess of Mars (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

    A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 13, 2013) A Princess of Mars was originally published in 1912 (and subsequently printed as a novel in 1917), before World War I, before the Prohibition, and a decade before Charlie Chaplin made his feature film debut. That’s a hell of a […]

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  7. Book Review: The Grace of Kings (Ken Liu)

    The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu Saga Press (April 7, 2015) Ken Liu has long since become an acclaimed short fiction writer and translator whose works had earned multiple awards. In his eagerly expected debut novel The Grace of Kings, the first book of The Dandelion Dynasty trilogy, Liu takes us to his secondary […]

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  8. Book Review: Half The World (Joe Abercrombie)

    Half The World by Joe Abercrombie Del Rey (February 17, 2015) Until Half A King (2014), we all knew what we would be getting once we popped open an Abercrombie novel. Violence. Swearing. Cynicism. Dark humor. Snarky characters. Un-heroic adventures that dragged fantasy down into the mud in the most delightful way possible. Worlds that […]

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  9. Book Review: Echopraxia (Peter Watts)

    Echopraxia is the sequel to Blindsight, Watts’s Hugo-nominated novel published in 2006.

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  10. Book Review: Half a King (Joe Abercrombie)

    Half a King by Joe Abercrombie Del Rey (July 15, 2014) When we first heard that Mr. Abercrombie was penning a young-adult novel, the kingdom grinded to a halt. The commonfolk were in an uproar. “Off to the torture chamber with him!” they cried, “Do whatever it takes to make him write a proper fantasy […]

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  11. Book Review: “Upgraded” Edited by Neil Clarke

    Better. Stronger. Faster. Do these words really describe what becoming a cyborg means? Authors in Neil Clarke’s new anthology UPGRADED contemplated this idea and each had a different take on human cyborgification. In the twenty-six futures offered there, humans are remade into living weapons, mining equipment, half-alien chimeras, fully cybernetic individuals, demigods, angels, and much more.

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  12. Book Review: The Dreamblood

    The Killing Moon Book 1 of The Dreamblood by N.K. Jemisin Orbit (2012) The Killing Moon begins another unique fantasy tale by one of my new favorite authors, N. K. Jemisin. Like her earlier work (The Inheritance Trilogy), The Killing Moon is set in a world alien to much of the fantasy genre that often […]

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