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  1. Sundark and Winterling

    Sundark awoke to rain drumming on the windowpane and dripping from the eaves. In the street below, the footsteps of early risers splashed along the cobbles. None paused outside her house; the house that was once the dragon, Winterling. It was almost as though most of the people had all but forgotten it was there; a splash of jewels and dragon-skin against the shadowy gothic spires and crooked mansions that spread through the old district. They were used to living alongside the fae, so many people thought the music that rilled from the roof and rained down from the eaves on moonlit nights was just a clever trick, when they bothered to notice it at all.

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  2. Dragon Rodeo Queen

    It don’t matter how I came to be known as the Dragon Rodeo Queen. And I guess it don’t matter how many gold buckles I got displayed on the walls of my room in the boarding house, neither—there’s twenty-three, in case your heart’s set on countin’—long as it’s clear who’s apt to win should the […]

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  3. Fortune’s Dance

    Kara followed the New Year’s procession through Chinatown, deep drumbeats echoing in her ears punctuated by the pop of fireworks. Smoke from the fireworks hung low in the windless air, filling her lungs with an acrid scent and making her cough. She welcomed the smoke. It gave her an excuse for her tears. Chinese New Year had always been celebrated at her grandmother’s home, where banquet tables groaned under the weight of the food. Rooms filled with cousins she adored, even though they threatened to drive her mad. Then, they would finish off the night with a family trip to view this parade. All of those traditions ended the night her grandmother died.

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  4. Your Lair or Mine?

    Gender: Female. Relationship status: Single. Area: Welsh mountain, but willing to travel. […]

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