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  1. No Tale for Troubadours

    The messenger who burst upon my chamber favored me with the sort of worshipful gaze I hadn’t seen in years. I was not best pleased to see him or his starry eyes. At my breast, Matilda sucked placidly, undisturbed by the stranger’s entrance. I didn’t bother to cover myself; if this sight embarrassed my visitor, […]

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  2. Seaside Sirens, 1848

    “Let’s race to the shore,” William challenged. “I’m not interested,” Arthur said. He watched his twin’s shoulders droop and his gait slacken, then he took off toward the water. Deceit was always his surest path to victory. “That was a dirty trick,” William protested as he caught up to his brother. Arthur ignored him. His […]

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  3. Missing Tessa

    Behind the local anchorwoman, Tessa’s snapshot hung suspended in the corner of the screen.
    “Day two of search for missing woman,” the ticker tape read.
    I switched off the set. I palmed my face and scrubbed the two day old stubble along my jaw.[…]

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  4. Passenger Space

    My foot touches the platform and it hits me, a plunging sensation in my gut-I feel light and the lightness is wrong. Merciless, the impatient momentum of the crowd pulls me the wrong way. All wrong. I check my pockets: Gum. Keys. Ticket-stub. […]

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  5. Shades of the Past

    The pond was stagnant, sickly. Globs of yellow foam floated on the surface, while cattails lay flat on the ground along the water’s edge, as though expired from the effort of trying to crawl free of the horrible scum. “Betcha five bucks you won’t stick your foot in,” said Brandon Styles to his new friend Jarvis. […]

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