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  1. Science Corner: Black Holes and Academic Walls

    According to Einstein you wouldn’t notice crossing a black hole horizon. But now researchers argue that a firewall or brickwall would be in your way. Have they entirely lost their collective minds? Image credits: Paul Terry Sutton Tl;dr: Yes. It is hard, sometimes, to understand why anyone would waste time on a problem as […]

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  2. Science Corner: A Whirlwind Tour of the Human Genome

    Image by Micah Baldwin   The human genome is present in virtually every cell of our bodies, and contains the complete set of instructions to build a human being. The first effort to read that instruction book—the Human Genome Project—wrapped up in 2001. Even then, it was clear that our genome was a large, complex, […]

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  3. Science Corner: 7 Things to Know About Mutations

      Mutations, or changes to DNA sequence, are often a key speculative element in science fiction. Thanks to recent advances in DNA sequencing technology over the past decade, we have a much better understanding about mutations, how and when they occur, and the effects that they can have on humans or other living things. If […]

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