Artist Spotlight: Suebsin Pulsiri

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Suebsin Pulsiri is a graphic artist and illustrator from Thailand.

Iulian: Tell us a little bit about yourself: where did you grow up and how did your early life influence your future as an artist?

Suebsin: I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I don’t know if I can say exactly what had a big influence on my work, but I think I became interested in drawing because I loved watching animation when I was a kid.

Iulian: What are your favorite design tools and how did you get to learn them?

Suebsin: Of course, I use Photoshop; I think it’s the best software for drawing. I started learning it in the office and became better in time. Before that I used to draw on paper and canvas only.

Iulian: Are there any other artists out there that you admire and whose work has helped shape your work?

Suebsin: I have a lot of favorite artists. Among my idols I can mention: Frank Frazetta, Justin Sweet, and Craig Mullin. I am also a big fan of Studio Ghibli, an animation studio that produces great work.

Iulian: Where do you find inspiration?

Suebsin: I get ideas from everything in my life, such as cartoons, movies, games. I also study and get inspired by the works of other artists.

Iulian: How would you break down your workflow in steps?

Suebsin: Normally, I start creating a rough sketch directly in Photoshop (not scan). That becomes my guide. From there, I gradually paint, adding different layers until completion.

Iulian: Your work is very fantasy-driven. What drives you to that subject?

Suebsin: I think that freedom of thought comes with fantasy. I absolutely prefer to draw a man riding a dragon more than driving a Ferrari in real life.

Iulian: If there was one piece of advice you could give other beginning artists, what would that be?

Suebsin: Never stop training and improving your skills. Study other artists and always try to work outside of your comfort zone.

Iulian: We selected one of your pieces for the cover of our magazine. Tell us a few words about how that piece came to be.

Suebsin: It started from my desire to study the muscles of human and beast. Eventually that study turned into this picture. In my head, I created a story that turned into some sort of barbarian warrior riding a monster.

Iulian: Where can we find you on the web?

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