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Welcome to Issue #1 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine.

Our first issue comes packed with twelve short stories—some original and some reprints—and several author interviews, plus book and movie reviews.

We are leading with Ken Liu’s “Single-Bit Error,” a story that, like many of Ken’s stories, touches the reader on a deep emotional level. His stories have this ability to thrust an emotional wave inside of you, while at the same time forcing you think, question, and wonder.

Following Ken, we have Seth Chambers with “The Unforgiving Minute,” a story that deals with a never-ending problem we all have: how can we have somebody else perform our necessary functions in life so we can be free to do whatever we truly enjoy?

David Sklar delights us in a micro-story called “Wind in the Reeds,” presenting a cool perspective on world creation.

Next is KJ Kabza’s “In The Shadow of Dyrhólaey,” a story that builds up mystery from the start and gives you chills throughout. KJ transports us to strange and remote parts of Iceland where the fantastical almost seem possible.

Then we have Julia Watson with “Passenger Space,” and Alexander Plummer with “Letters to the Editor of Tempestas Arcana,” two shorter stories dealing with very different subjects.

Following are two cool reprints, one from Alex Shvartsman-“Seven Conversations in Locked Rooms,” and one from Hank Quense-” Sponsored By…

We are then closing the fiction part of the issue with four other original stories: “The Sculptor’s Son,” by Jason Gorbel, “Smew of Skray ,” by Rebecca Brown, “Your Lair or Mine?,” by Cathy Bryant, and “Shades of the Past,” by Kurt Kirchmeier.

In our non-fiction section we have exclusive interviews with authors Ken Liu and KJ Kabza, writer and editor Sarah Hans, and Clarkesworld’s editor Neil Clarke. We also have an artist spotlight featuring Jonathan Gragg, the creator of our first issue’s cover art. Last, but not least, we feature a book review by Clare Deming, and a movie review by Mark Leeper.

That’s it, folks! I hope you enjoy this first issue. We are waiting for your thoughts, comments, and suggestions. Your input is always valuable, as it helps us improve our magazine and be better.

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