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Welcome to Issue #10 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine.

I am really excited to welcome everyone to our 10th issue. Year two is behind us, and what year it has been! We published 55 short stories, 40 of which original, and 181,000 words from 53 authors from around the world.

This year, we also launched our podcast which is, at the time of this writing, at episode 25. We received a lot of good feedback on the quality of the podcast, so we will continue with it in 2016.

Another thing that saw the light of day this year was our first anthology. Dragons, Droids & Doom: Year One was released in November of 2015 and it includes all the short stories published in 2014 by Fantasy Scroll Magazine. The anthology has been released as an eBook and trade paperback. To learn more and to purchase the anthology, please visit the book’s site:

One thing that would help us a lot are more reviews on Amazon. So, if you’ve purchased our anthology, or if you’ve read the stories in the magazine, please spend just a few minutes to give us an honest review on Amazon. It’s extremely helpful. Here’s the Amazon link for the book:

Before I move to the issue at hand, allow me to extend my thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped with this year’s six issues. I’m talking about editors, copyeditors, first readers, proofreaders, narrators, and reviewers. Nothing would’ve been possible without you. Thank you very much!

And now, let’s see what we got in store for you in this issue.

We start with The Genie and the Inquisitor, a new and fresh take on the genie myth by Johnny Compton, partly funny and partly horrific, but definitely bone-chilling.

The Hummingbird Air by Paul Roberge is next, a fantasy story that follows the path of a boy and his growth into a man, ready to deliver a life-long awaited revenge.

Next is The Empty Faux-Historical Residential Unit by Rachel Hochberg, a science fiction story that takes place in a future dominated by robots, but brings us back into an old-fashion London scene.

Jeremy Szal delights us in his epic fantasy story Last Age of Kings; there’s a lot of bloody action in this story, but also depth of character, all happening in an interesting setting.

Kara’s Ares is another science fiction story, by Clint Spivey, who follows the struggle of a mission to Mars and its aftermath.

For some comic relief, we follow with Protecting Nessie by Hank Quense, who tells the story of three sisters with magical powers, fighting hard to defend the pet of their queen.

Dancing an Elegy, His Own by Julie Novakova is next-a science fiction story that focuses more on the relationship between characters than on the setting, creating an emotionally loaded atmosphere, and closing with an unexpected twist.

Lost Souls by E. E. King is the shortest story in this issue, but it’s packed with emotion and unusual developments.

The Answer by Lynette Mejía concludes the short story portion of the issue, presenting the quest of one man that ends in quite unexpected way.

We close the fiction section with part one of the next installment in Shamrock’s adventures, written by Josh Brown and illustrated by Alberto Hernandez.

In the non-fiction section, we have an interview with author Matthew Kressel and author and editor Maurice Broaddus. We then spotlight the artist who created this issue’s cover, Joshua Hutchinson. We end with a book review for The SEA is Ours, by Julie Novakova, and a movie review for the popular flic The Martian, based on the book with the same name by Andy Weir, written by Mark Leeper.

And that’s it. Year 2015 is done and we hope to see you all next year.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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