Issue 12 Introduction

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Welcome to Issue #12 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine.

As spring is slowly finding its way into the American Northeast, our newest issue brings you a stew of heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories, sprinkled with a little bit of humor and little bit of horror. Just the right thing to read on a rainy day. The fantasy theme is prevalent in this issue, so we selected a fantasy cover by artist Jonathan Gragg, who returns with his piece “Monk,” after illustrating our very first issue back in 2014.

Now, let’s see what’s packed in this issue…

The fiction section opens with Mother Salt and her Sisters by James Troughton, a story that brings a fresh new look to the myth of the mermaid, and adds a darker than usual twist.

Next is Apprentice by James Van Pelt, a story about the relationship between the mentor and mentee, filled with magical mystery that will keep you guessing through the end.

Jason Hine’s Prosperity’s Shadow follows, set in a medieval-type of fantasy world where magic is used to control the masses, and we observe the struggle of the enforcer who has to deal with the weight that his job puts on his conscience.

The Memory of Huckleberries by Rebecca Birch is sure to bring a tear to your eye. It’s a heartwarming story of love, sacrifice, and loss.

My So-Called Life in Reruns is a humorous sci-fi story that will surely disturb you and make you laugh at the same time. James Aquilone nails the last man on Earth motif in this short, yet poignant piece.

The first horror story of the issue, What Was Meant to Be Buried by Carla Dash, is also a psychological tale, diving into the disturbed mind of its protagonist and leaving us with a terrified sense of wonder.

A beautiful story of forbidden love and desire, Beyond the Turning Orrery by Deborah Walker takes us into an astonishing imaginary world, where people dream of faraway worlds.

Boo Daddy’s by Anna Yeatts follows, a tale set in the Wild West, with a little twisted twist that will definitely creep under your skin. Intrigued?

We end the fiction section of the issue with Skies of Sand and Steel by Jeremy Szal, a science fiction story that follows the protagonist in his quest to stop mass exploitation in a world where entire cities float above ground.

Issue 12 continues the epic adventures of Shamrock in a new installment titled Shadows, written by Josh Brown with art by Alberto Hernandez.

The non-fiction section includes interviews with authors Angela Slatter and Brian Staveley, a book review for God of Clay by Ryan Campbell and a movie review for 10 Cloverfield Lane, directed by Dan Trachtenberg.

As we push through our third year, I want to invite all new and returning readers to subscribe to our magazine. For less than $20 per year you get 6 issues and about 50 short stories. Your subscription allows us to continue to publish the very best in in speculative fiction from both established and undiscovered writers.

Also, our Year One anthology is out in both print and eBook versions. For a limited time, you can get the eBook version of Dragons, Droids & Doom – Year One for only $2.99 through Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.

We thank you for being a supportive reader, and promise to continue our efforts of publishing great works of speculative fiction.

Thank you!

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