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Welcome to Issue #2 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine.


Issue #1 has come and gone. Since then we’ve had a lot of good feedback about it. We also got some constructive criticism from our readers, for which we thank you. One particular thing that people asked for is the ability to purchase subscriptions on a discounted basis. We heard you and we did our best to accommodate — we are now working with Magzter and Weightless Books to provide you simple, easy to get subscriptions at a discounted price. Check us out on those sites and you can have all the stories we issue in one year for a fraction of the price.

Now, let’s focus on the issue at hand. While we plan on having 12 stories in each quarterly issue, we just had to bump it up to 14 stories in Issue #2. We have included the two stories we featured as teasers during our Kickstarter campaign — “Da Capo al Fine,” by Patrick G. Jameson, and “A Trade of Tears,” by Tony Peak. I love both stories and I wanted to give them the benefit of being a part of a full issue and of our e-books.

Now, let’s move to the rest of the issue.

We are leading with Mike Resnick’s “Winter Solstice.” There’s little we need to say about Mike Resnick, the front runner in awards for short fiction, author of multiple novels, and editor extraordinaire. If you want to know more, read the interview in this issue’s non-fiction section. ” Winter Solstice” was a Hugo Nominee in 1992 and it tackles a difficult, earthly problem, set in a fantastic setting.

Following we have “Reanimators” by J. Kenneth Sargeant and, hold on to your horses and watch people roll their eyes — it’s a zombie story. Before you judge, read it; it’s different, fresh, and highly entertaining.

Next is a reprint from Kate O’Connor, “Concert of Flowers,” followed by an apocalyptic story with an unusual premise by Andrew Kozma, ” These Are the Things Our Hands Have Made.”

Then we have Ferret Steinmentz with “Four Scenes From Wieczniak’s Whisk-U-Away, And One Not,” and J.W. Alden with “The Unworthy.”

We didn’t forget about very short pieces in this issue either. We know a lot of people love them. In this category, we feature “Million Hearts in the Valley of Death,” by Savannah Hendricks, “Marshmallow Walls,” by Brittany Foster, and ” Grimm’s Home for Geriatrics,” by Rebecca Demarest.

Brandon Barrows entertains us in his war story “Verdure,” and Michelle Ann King talks about “The Fine Art of Fortune-Telling,” two stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Last but not least, we are closing the fiction section with “JC The Ski Bum,” a fun, humorous piece by Joyce Reynolds-Ward.

In the non-fiction section we have interviews with Mike Resnick and Tim Pratt, as well as the editorial team of Strange Horizons.

Sabbas Apterus, the artist who designed this issue’s cover, gets his own artist spotlight. We then conclude this issue with a book review for Brandon Sanderson’s “Warbreaker” and a movie review for “Godzilla (2014),” by Mark Leeper.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it. If you like what you read, please purchase the issue or subscriptions, spread the word, and give us reviews.

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