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Welcome to Issue #3 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine.

I am very happy to say that we were able to stay on schedule and that our publishing process has improved issue after issue. I want to thank all the volunteers who helped or are currently helping with the magazine; without you, things would’ve been much, much harder! But we stuck with it, and here we are with issue number 3! 

Because it’s autumn and we are approaching Halloween, this issue came out just a pinch darker than the ones before. You wouldn’t say so by reading the first story, though. We are leading with an original fantasy story by legendary author Piers Anthony. “Descant” is a light-hearted tale, filled with subtext, color, emotion, and music.

Rachel A. Brune’s “The Peacemaker” mixes the world of reality-TV with superheros and supranatural events. Aaron Polson gives us a thrilling view of life in “My Favorite Photos of Anne,” an equally emotional and horrifying story.

The next two stories are a little bit lighter. First is a flash story by Alan Murdock, “Verisimilitude,” dealing with the writer’s struggle, followed by “Orc Legal,” a story by the very-funny James Beamon, another installment in his Orc series.

Then we are going dark again with “Burn in Me” by Carrie Martin, a psychological horror story, and “Kindle My Heart,” by Rebecca Birch, a story of love with a twist.

Next we have “The Memory-Setter’s Apprentice” by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, and “Hither and Yon,” by Anatoly Belilovskytwo science-fiction stories, first one about memory and tempering with the brain, and the other tackling the concept of multiverse.

The Contents of the Box with the Ribbon,” by David Neilsen is the next horror story, written in a light, rather humorous voice that will leave you satisfied in the end and almost oblivious to the horrors described. Close by is Anna Yeatt’s “Missing Tessa,” yet another horror story, dealing with the southern myth of the Boo Hag. 

Did I mention this issue is a bit darker?

The First First Fire,” is a short story by Alexander Monteagudo, a fantasy tale that talks about the power of an up-and-coming leader. Last, but not least, is Alex Shvartsman’s “The Perfect Book,” a humorous story that was written as a Tuckerization reward for our Kickstarter campaign. The main characters in this story are two of our Kickstarter supporters. We thank them and we hope that they enjoy this little story.

The non-fiction portion of this issue includes interviews with authors Piers Anthony and Anna Yeatts. In the spirit of our previous issues, we also have an interview with an editorthis time Scott H. Andrews, editor of award-winning magazine Beneath Ceaseless Skies. We also have our regular artist spotlight, featuring Thai-born artist and illustrator Suebsin Pulsiri. The issue ends with a book review for the recent Upgraded anthology edited by Clarkesworld’s editor Neil Clarke, and a movie review for a classic 70s horror movie, “The House That Dripped Blood.”

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it all together. If you like what you read, please purchase the issue or subscriptions, spread the word, and give us reviews. It’s almost the end of our first year; we have one more issue and we can happily say that we’ve made it over our first hurdle: year one. 

See you all next time!

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