Issue 6 Introduction

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Welcome to Issue #6 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine.

I’m happy to present you with what I believe might be our longest issue so far. No, it’s not a double issue, it’s a regular issue, but the first story in the fiction section is actually a novelette. This is something new that we are trying out (we have another novelette scheduled for Issue #7). Does this mean that we are now accepting longer pieces? Not exactly. The novelettes will be published exclusively on a request-only basis, and at this point it’s not entirely sure if we will continue with them after Issue #7.

But let’s get to the meat of things. The first story is “Raven’s Dream,” by award winning author Robert Reed. I’ve been a fan of Robert’s works ever since I started reading F&SF, and this has been a favorite story of mine. I’m hoping Robert will write some more stories set in this world, because it is fascinating.

Outside of the novelette, the overwhelming theme of this issue is strong young girls. We kick off with “Jenny is Killing Turtles Again” by Alexander Danner, following with “My Brother’s Keeper” by Beth Cato, and “Fortune’s Dance” by Jaymi Mizuno. All of them deal with a similar theme, but each character is unique and interesting, and even creepy, in Jenny’s case.

Kurt Hunt’s story “The House of Ninety-Nine Secrets,” is a delightful rollercoaster that keeps you guessing through the end.

The Adventures of Captain Contempt in Mixed Media Installations,” by Ian Creasey follows. Besides having the longest story name yet, this take takes a unique look at the art scene in a bizarre futuristic world.

We have two more reprints in this issue, one is “Hand of God,” by Erica Satifka, and the other one is “Meat,” by David Steffen.

We close the fiction section with “Nixie’s Rival,” by Brynn MacNab, which reminds me to never trust non-humans.

In the non-fiction section we interviewed award winning author Robert Reed, author Erica Satifka, and award winning editor Ellen Datlow. In addition, we have our regular artist spotlight, featuring Franklin Chan, the artist who supplied this issue’s cover art.

We than have two book reviews. Why two? Because one is for Ken Liu’s first novel, “The Grace of Kings,” published just a week or so ago, and the other is for Joe Abercrombie’s latest novel, “Half The World,” published just a couple of months ago. It was just too damn tempting to include them both.

Finally, we close with a movie review for a classic s/f movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick. If you haven’t seen this movie, you have a week to correct that. Tops.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy this new issue, and we’ll see you soon!

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