Issue 7 Introduction

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I’m happy to introduce the new issue of our magazine, packed from e-cover to e-cover with lots of great stories, interviews, and reviews.

This issue starts strong with a longer piece by Pauline Alama, “No Tale for Troubadours.” I love fantasy stories with strong female protagonists and Pauline does a great job of growing not one, but two of them in this story of friendship, war, and peace.

Hell of a Salesman” is the next story by Hank Quense, a humorous parody that takes a stab at the position of sales manager and everything around it. I’m not sure it’s a parody, or a description of what really happens inside a sales department…

Axel Taiari follows with a science fiction piece called “Beyond the Visible Spectrum,” a nice story told from the perspective of an alien invader.

Little Sprout” by Rebecca Roland is probably the shortest story we’ve ever accepted. There’s so much creepiness packed in such a short length that we just had to have it.

Next we have “When the Dead are Indexed” by Gary Emmette Chandler, and “Dragon Rodeo Queen” by Kate Sheeran Swed.

The Adjunct” by Patricia Bowne is the second story that deals with Hell and demons. This one has just a slight hint of humor, all wrapped up in layers over layers of creep.

Anna Yeatts follows with her story “Outside In.” This is the second story from Anna in our magazine and it doesn’t disappoint: Anna manages to create a horrific atmosphere in a very non-horrific setting by playing up the mental state of her characters.

The last story is “Conversations with a Ghost,” by Josh Vogt, a nice little sci/fi piece with a twist.

Then, back by popular demand, we have the second installment of the story of Shamrock, the graphic novel authored by Josh Brown. The first chapter appeared in Issue #5 with art by John Fortune. The episode in this issue, with art by Alberto Hernandez, continues the story and promises to bring more installments in the future.

In the non-fiction section we have interviews with Tina Connolly, Rachel Pollack, and Hank Quense, as well as a short artist spotlight for the illustrator that created this issue’s cover art: Andreas Rocha. We are introducing (read: testing) a new segment in the non-fiction section called “Science Center.” In this first episode, we have an article by Dan Koboldt talking about mutations.

We’re closing this issue with a book review for “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and a movie review for “EX_MACHINA,” directed by Alex Garland.

On a related note, I am happy to report that our podcast has been increasing in popularity month after month. We started in February and we are already getting 1000 downloads per month, which is a great start. Please check it out: Right now the podcast is available from ITunes, YouTube, Sticher, TuneIn, Soundcloud, and more.

Another piece of buzz, before I let you go, is the news about our year one anthology. It is currently in progress and scheduled to be released sometime in September of 2015. So, it’s just a few months away and I’m very excited about it.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you’ll enjoy this issue and see you very soon!

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