Issue 8 Introduction

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The summer is here and you’re probably resting on a beach, or hiking a mountain, or both. But you never forget about reading, do you? No you don’t… And here we come to the rescue with another packed issue, filled with monsters, aliens, knights, spaceships, and dragons.

We start strong with Tony Peak’s “The Light Comes,” a story of struggle in a world where a strange disease takes lives regardless of age. This is Tony’s second appearance in FSM and we’re really glad to see him back.

Minor Disasters” by Elise R. Hopkins reminds us of the fragile world we live in and how everything can turn to dust in the blink of an eye.

Kate O’Connor’s “White Horse” is next, following the life of a soldier and his encounters with a magical white steed.

Next is “ReMemories” by Nancy Waldman, a moving story about a future where humankind can record, store, and manipulate the mind’s memories.

Alexander Volkmar’s story, “Gunman on the Wall” reminds us of the constant need to believe that things are better on the other side.

Next we have two shorter stories: “The Magister’s Clock” by Simon Kewin, and “From Mutsumi,” by KJ Kabza. This is KJ’s second story in FSM.

It looks like Issue #8 is the issue of second appearances: Jarod K. Anderson’s story “Making Ends Meet” is next, a story built around a creepy workplace.

Haze” follows, by K.S. Dearsley, an intricate story of intergalactic politics.

We conclude the fiction part with Raluca Balasa’s “For the Heart I Never Had,” a story of brotherly feud and love.

Before jumping into the non-fiction section, we have another installment of Shamrock, the graphic serial story by Josh Brown with art by Alberto Hernandez. Follow Shamrock’s adventures as she continues her journey of revenge.

In the non-fiction section we have an interview with author Martin Millar and a review for his recent book “The Goddess of Butterflies and Daisies.” We also interview author Fran Wilde and artist Chris Drysdale, the illustrator for this issue’s cover art.

Dan Kobolt returns with another Science Center article, this time about genes.

The issue ends with a movie review by Mark Leeper: “Time Lapse,” directed by Bradley King.

I truly hope you enjoy this issue and see you next time!

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