Issue 9 Introduction

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Welcome to Issue #9 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine.

We have some great stories packed in this issue for you, but before we get to that, I want to mention one other thing: our year one anthology is coming out! Woo-hoo!

I am really happy to let you know that we took all the stories published in year one and grouped them in a wonderful anthology that will be released in November of 2015 both in print and as an ebook. It’s been a long road, but we’ve done it. I want to thank my co-editor, Frederick Doot for his contribution to this book, as well as all other contributors, including our slush readers, copyeditors, and proofreaders. To learn more about the anthology go to If you want to meet us, we will have an official launch of the book at PhilCon, November 22. Hope to see you there!

Now back to Issue 9.

We begin with Thomas Lynne, a fantasy short story by Jordan Taylor. The author transports us in a southern-US setting filled with fantasy elements that weave naturally with the character’s story.

Next is When Angels Wear Butterfly Wings, a bone-chilling flash story by Stone Showers, followed by the equally bone-chilling Sea Found by L R Hieber. You can learn more about L R Hieber in the interview section.

Fountain is next, a science fiction story by Lynda Clark, describing a post-apocalyptic, dog eat dog world where everyone is struggling to survive.

Next is Beneath the Raven’s Wing by Rebecca Birch, a story that follows a young, female protagonist as she is faced with powers beyond her understanding.

Shane Halbach’s Exit Strategy follows, a story filled with humor, thievery, and dragons.

Next is a story that truly reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Where the Millennials Went by Zach Lisabeth is a story set in an impossible world where strange characters do strange things.

Scents of Life is a story about memory, love, and about the power of senses. The author, Robert Lowell Russell, takes us through the evolution of a disease in this heartfelt story.

We end with The Parting Gift, a story of loss, pain, and struggle by Hall Jameson.

At the end of the fiction section, we are concluding chapter one of the graphic novel series Shamrock by Josh Brown. The ending leaves us wanting more. I am very curious to see what other adventures are still to come in Shamrock’s path.

In the non-fiction section we have interviews with authors Michael R. Underwood and L R Hieber and an artist spotlight for Jessica TC Lee, who provided the cover art for this issue. Our Science Corner continues with an article on black holes by Sabine Hossenfelder. Following, we have two book reviews: Half a War by Joe Abercrombie, reviewed by Jeremy Szal, and Updraft by Fran Wilde, reviewed by Julie Novakova. We end the issue with a movie review by Mark Leeper for Pay The Ghost, directed by Uli Edel.

And that’s all, folks! I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to visit our site for more stories, interviews, and reviews, and to learn more about our upcoming anthology.

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