Little Sprout

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Image Credit: Boogeyman Movie Art

Hush. Hush. They come. The hungry ones. Go hide in the closet. Whatever you hear, don’t you dare come out. Of course I’ll hug you, but quickly now, and remember, I love you. No, nothing will happen to me because the soldiers will be here soon, and they’ll take care of the hungry ones. Keep the lights off and stay quiet, click the safety off the gun, then aim it at the door and shoot anything that comes through, no matter if you’re scared, don’t think, just shoot.

No. No. Don’t cry. I won’t die. I’ll keep you safe, always. Now I need you to be brave, sprout. Here, cover yourself with my jacket and hunker down, just like that, now. Think of the song we sing every night at bedtime, and imagine my arms around you, little sprout, until I return.

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Rebecca Roland

About Rebecca Roland

Rebecca is a physical therapist and author living in the Southwest. You can find out more about her at

  • The_Happy_Specter

    This could be a frenzied, blurred snapshot out of a zombie apocalypse world, some other monster-siege scenario, any number of real historical events of atrocious upheaval, or worst of all, something happening now, elsewhere in our world today, beyond what many folks could begin to imagine safe within all these first-world-problem comforts. We just don’t know, but it’s all the same to LIttle Sprout and the narrator in their panicked terror. And that’s what’s haunting about it.