Shamrock Part 8 – Illusion

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Written by Josh Brown, art by Alberto Hernandez

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Josh Brown

About Josh Brown

Josh Brown is the writer and creator of “Shamrock,” a fantasy/adventure comic that appears regularly in Fantasy Scroll Magazine. His comic work has appeared numerous places, including Alterna Tales from Alterna Comics and the award-winning Negative Burn. A member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA), his poetry has been featured in Abandoned Towers Magazine, Pixies of Eglantine, Aberration Labyrinth, Poetry Quarterly, Beechwood Review, and anthologies such as Lovecraft After Dark (JWK Fiction) and Zen of the Dead (Popcorn Press). His short fiction has appeared in SpeckLit, as well as anthologies such as Toys in the Attic (JWK Fiction), The Martian Wave 2015 (Nomadic Delirium Press), and King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology (Uffda Press). He currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two sons.