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A story is a story. If it’s great, people will read it even if it’s scratched on a wall with a nail. But why torture the reader? That’s our philosophy. We strive to make sure that the stories published on our site are easy to read, regardless of the browser used. So, if you are curious to know how your story would look like, take a look at this article.

We will try to pair an interesting image with your story and display it up top. If you have an image already, either made by you or someone you know, we can use it, as long as you have the rights to it. Otherwise, we will search for an appropriate image, or get one from the art submitted to us by various artists.

How Do We Promote Your Story?

We spent a lot of time optimizing our site for search engines. We connected our site to most social networks and every issue will get its fair share of marketing and distribution. We want your stories out there; we want them in the readers’ hands as soon as possible.

Your stories will be rated and commented by visitors, so we urge all writers to also contribute by cross-posting the stories on their own blogs. Our internet minions will then follow those links and pings and make comments, likes, and shares. It’s all about giving back!

In addition, all our stories have a nice little button at the top allowing users to open a printer-friendly version of the story and even grab the story in PDF format.

What About The Authors?

The writers are a magazine’s bread and butter, so we’ll do our best to help promoting your work and your name. Each story will give you the proper credit and will direct people to a bio page where you can enter as much information as you need.

Your photo, your social networking links and links to other stories, as well as a list of all your contributions to our magazine complete your author profile.

If you want to see an example of author bios, click on my name at the top, or see these demo bios for our virtual assistants: Harlan the Great and Xycoon Ra.

This concludes our introductory issue. Right now we are collecting your works for our first issue, so we’ll be busy sorting through the slush, reading and editing day and night. So, please send us your story today!

Good luck,

Iulian Ionescu
Fantasy Scroll Mag
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Iulian Ionescu

About Iulian Ionescu

Iulian is the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Fantasy Scroll Mag. He is a science fiction and fantasy writer who enjoys blogging and technology. He runs the fiction writing blog Fantasy Scroll and if you want to know more about his works, check out his author page.

  • Frederick Doot

    Well done Iulian! Best of luck to you bud!