Authors [A]

  • Pauline J Alama
    Alama, Pauline J

    Pauline J. Alama, author of the quest fantasy THE EYE OF NIGHT (Bantam Spectra 2002), studied medieval literature at the... (read more)

  • J.W. Alden
    Alden, J.W.

    J.W. Alden has always had a fascination with the fantastic. As such, he's made speculative fiction his domain. He liv... (read more)

  • B. Morris Allen
    Allen, B. Morris

    B. Morris Allen writes the occasional speculative fiction story from a base on the green and rainy Oregon coast.... (read more)

  • Jarod Anderson
    Anderson, Jarod

    Formerly, Jarod taught college English. Currently, he works at a foundation that raises money for a wide range of colleg... (read more)

  • Piers Anthony
    Anthony, Piers

    Piers Anthony is one of the world's most popular fantasy authors, and a New York Times bestseller twenty-one times over.... (read more)

  • James Aquilone
    Aquilone, James

    James Aquilone is an editor and writer, for fun and for profit. His fiction has appeared in Nature's Futures, The Best o... (read more)

  • Sarah Avery
    Avery, Sarah

    Sarah Avery is an escaped academic who taught way too many sections of freshman composition. After earning a doctorate ... (read more)