Authors [B]

  • Raluca Balasa
    Balasa, Raluca

    Raluca Balasa recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in English and a double minor in Cinema Stu... (read more)

  • Brandon Barrows
    Barrows, Brandon

    Brandon Barrows lives in the shadow-haunted hills of Vermont with his wife and a pair of elder spawn cats, writing comic... (read more)

  • James Beamon
    Beamon, James

    James Beamon spent years crafting the perfect bio only to realize only people who really, really, really enjoyed his sto... (read more)

  • Anatoly Belilovsky
    Belilovsky, Anatoly

    Anatoly Belilovsky is a Russian-American author and translator of speculative fiction. His work appeared in the Unidenti... (read more)

  • Rebecca Birch
    Birch, Rebecca

    Rebecca Birch lives in Seattle, Washington, where it doesn't really rain every day. She's a classically trained soprano,... (read more)

  • Christine Borne
    Borne, Christine

    Christine Borne is a former YA librarian, rock music archivist, and independent bookseller. In 2012 she was awarded a $2... (read more)

  • Patricia S. Bowne
    Bowne, Patricia S.

    Patricia S. Bowne has taught physiology for almost 30 years, none of them in hell. Her students have never done quite as... (read more)

  • Josh Brown
    Brown, Josh

    Josh Brown is the writer and creator of "Shamrock," a fantasy/adventure comic that appears regularly in Fantasy Scroll M... (read more)

  • Rebecca Brown
    Brown, Rebecca

    Rebecca L. Brown is a writer, artist, model and businesswoman based in South Wales, UK. She spends most of her spare tim... (read more)

  • Rachel A. Brune
    Brune, Rachel A.

    Rachel A. Brune writes short fiction, long fiction, songs, screenplays, poetry and operations orders. A former Army jour... (read more)

  • Cathy Bryant
    Bryant, Cathy

    Cathy Bryant worked as a life model, civil servant and childminder (among other jobs) before writing full-time. She has ... (read more)