Brittany Foster

Brittany Foster

I’m a wordsmith living in Canada with a passion for the dark, twisted, and macabre. I went to Ryerson University in Toronto where I studied Publishing and have been working with books, authors, and words ever since. I make a practice of reading copiously, writing when I feel the need, and drinking vast amounts of tea with far too much sugar.

Although I have been writing for what seems like a long time, Fantasy Scroll was the first publisher that I ever submitted a story to. I seem to write horror even when I don’t mean to, though I prefer to read fantasy and even some historical fiction. My book shelf (and tables, and counters, and the surfaces in my spare room) hold everything from J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling to Lord Byron and Jack London.

When I am not reading, writing, working, or entertaining my husband and pets, I enjoy playing video games, gardening, and politics.

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