Authors [D]

  • Alexander Danner
    Danner, Alexander

    Alexander Danner's speculative fiction has appeared in the anthologies "Machine of Death" and "The Girl at the End of th... (read more)

  • Carla E. Dash
    Dash, Carla E.

    Carla E. Dash lives in Quincy, MA, with her husband and two cats. She teaches ELL students, procrastinates via video gam... (read more)

  • K.S. Dearsley
    Dearsley, K.S.

    K. S. Dearsley has an MA in Linguistics and Literature and has had numerous stories published on both sides of the Atlan... (read more)

  • Rebecca Demarest
    Demarest, Rebecca

    Rebecca A. Demarest is an author, designer, and illustrator living in Boston, MA. She has had stories published in sever... (read more)

  • Clare Deming
    Deming, Clare

    Clare L. Deming lives in New Jersey and once applied to be an astronaut. She works her day job at night and writes ficti... (read more)

  • Evan Dicken
    Dicken, Evan

    Evan Dicken's fiction has most recently appeared in: Analog, Starship Sofa, and Autumn Cthulhu, and he has stories forth... (read more)