Iulian Ionescu

Iulian Ionescu

Iulian is the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Fantasy Scroll Mag. He is a science fiction and fantasy writer who enjoys blogging and technology. He runs the fiction writing blog Fantasy Scroll and if you want to know more about his works, check out his author page.

Virtual Reporter:: “Iulian, why did you start this magazine?”

Iulian: “Because I can? Ha! That’s not it. Because I wanted to. I get really involved when I get into something, so much so that it becomes an obsession. I’ve been putting off my writing for so long, when I returned to it I felt as though I have discovered a new me. I want to get involved more. I want to be a part of the writing community.

I do run a blog, but I wanted more. I can’t think of a better way than giving other writers an avenue to publish their work.”

Virtual Reporter:: “What about the business model?”

Iulian: “Good question. After all, I am a CPA, so I should know these things. But the true answer is: what business? There’s not a lot to make in short story publishing, at least not until you get to a certain level. I am doing this because I love it. It’s passion.”

Virtual Reporter:: “Where do you see this magazine in three years?”

Iulian: “I see it publishing 6 issues per year with an annual collection issued as an e-book.”

Virtual Reporter:: “What about five years?”

Iulian: “Maybe monthly, with a printed anthology.”

Virtual Reporter:: “That’s very ambitious, don’t you think?”

Iulian: “And you are not real thing.”

Virtual Reporter:: “Good point.”

Jokes aside, running a magazine is not a solo thing. I am blessed to work with an amazing group of people who help me run this ship; they are passionate about reading and writing and donate their time and energy to this project. Please stop by and check our staff page to meet all these lovely people.

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