Julie Novakova

Julie Novakova

Julie Novakova was born in 1991 in Prague, the Czech Republic. She works as a writer, journalist and evolutionary biologist. She started publishing in English in 2013 (The Brass City; The Symphony of Ice and Dust). Before that, she had published three novels and about twenty short stories in Czech. She also works as a reviewer, columnist and interviewer mainly for the Czech SF magazine XB-1.

Julie writes speculative fiction and detective stories and also works as a journalist and biologist (combining each in her work as science journalist for the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague). Her fiction in English appeared in Clarkesworld Magazine and Perihelion SF. She received the European Science Fiction Society’s Encouragement Award in 2013.

Julie’s non-professional interests vary from astronomy, geology or astrochemistry to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the pre-Great-War period, cooking, classical music or krav maga. However, does a writer really have any truly non-professional interests? One never knows where an idea might turn up from…

Her thoughts on publishing, information about upcoming work and other news can be found at her blog.

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