Kate O’Connor

Kate O'Connor

Kate O’Connor is a sometime pilot, archaeology field technician on off days, and occasional dog groomer. Her work has most recently appeared or is forthcoming in InterGalactic Medicine Show, Escape Pod and Daily Science Fiction.

Kate was born in Virginia, but spent most of her growing-up years in Indiana. She made her way out to Arizona for college and graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott in 2009. These days, she’s living in the New York area telling stories, digging up artifacts, and managing a kennel full of Airedales.

In her spare time, she reads old folklore, rides horses, and tries to teach herself guitar. She has two dogs of her own who do their level best to make sure she doesn’t take life too seriously.

Kate has been writing science fiction and fantasy since 2011.

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