Katharine O’Neill

Katharine O'Neill

Katharine is a stay-at-home mum and creative writing graduate. She is glued to her laptop writing whenever her daughter is in bed watching endless shows and films while trying to forget that the housework needs to be done in the morning.

Katharine has always been an avid writer since she was a teenager, putting her active imagination to good use! After disastrous A-level results she managed to get to the University of Derby to study creative writing and film studies, graduating with a degree in 2010.

Despite this degree, she went straight into the care industry. Four years later she changed jobs from domiciliary care to care in a home to have something a bit more stable for her baby daughter but was let go two months later. Now she’s making the most of the time she has to her and by day she looks after her daughter Danny, her fiance Adam and their home and by night she’s tapping away at her laptop.

Her dream job is to be a full-time writer and put her knowledge and love of the written word to good use.

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