Authors [L]

  • Anaea Lay
    Lay, Anaea

    A devoted warrior agains the horror of Tuesday, Anaea Lay writes fiction because it's cheaper than homicide.... (read more)

  • Leeper, Mark

    Mark Leeper has had a near life-long love of mathematics, science fiction, and cinema. Together with his wife Evelyn he... (read more)

  • Zach Lisabeth
    Lisabeth, Zach

    Zach Lisabeth is a Los Angeles-based speculative fiction author and Weirdo. He was born in Long Island and took a circui... (read more)

  • Ken Liu
    Liu, Ken

    Ken Liu is an author and translator of speculative fiction, as well as a lawyer and pro... (read more)

  • Amethyst Loscocco
    Loscocco, Amethyst

    Amethyst Loscocco is a freelance writer, science nerd and web designer. She loves to tell a story that makes you forget ... (read more)