Lynda Clark

Lynda Clark’s short stories have been accepted by Drabblecast, Every Day Fiction and Murder of Storytellers. A former Goth who’s afraid of the dark, a working class dressage rider, an avid gamer who has ovaries, a writer who values books as entertainment over art and a woman who sees wearing make-up as doing drag, Lynda is a mass of paradoxes.

Lynda lives in Nottingham, in an area described by Channel 4 as “one of the most impoverished in Britain” which came as something of a shock. There’s a tram network and everything.

She likes writing about losers, outsiders and weirdos in worlds that are almost ours, but not quite. She doesn’t see the point in genre and borrows liberally from science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, noir, fairytales and popular culture.

She has been a supermarket lackey, a trainee florist, a bookseller and a video game producer. Now she’s mostly just a mess, trying to make money from her writing, surviving by living off her long-suffering husband. Someday, she might become an adult. That day is not today.

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