Authors [P]

  • Marco Panessa
    Panessa, Marco

    Marco Panessa is a physicist, educator, and author. His short fiction has appeared in Escape Pod. He currently maintains... (read more)

  • Charles Payseur
    Payseur, Charles

    Charles Payseur currently resides in the frozen wastes of Wisconsin with his partner and their growing herd of pets. He ... (read more)

  • Tony Peak
    Peak, Tony

    Tony is an Active Member of the SFWA and an Affiliate Member of the HWA. His novel INHERIT THE STARS will be published b... (read more)

  • Alex Plummer
    Plummer, Alex

    Alex Plummer is a writer of prose and poetry in many genres, including fantasy and science fiction. His work has been pu... (read more)

  • Rachel Pollack
    Pollack, Rachel

    Rachel Pollack is the author of 36 books of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art. She is the winner of the Arthur C. Cl... (read more)

  • Aaron Polson
    Polson, Aaron

    Aaron currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and six children. He's now at full sitcom. To pay the bills, he ... (read more)