Authors [T]

  • Charity Tahmaseb
    Tahmaseb, Charity

    Charity Tahmaseb has slung corn on the cob for Green Giant and jumped out of airplanes (but not at the same time). She s... (read more)

  • Axel Taiari
    Taiari, Axel

    Axel Taiari is a French writer, born in Paris in 1984. His writing has appeared in multiple magazines and anthologies, i... (read more)

  • Jordan Taylor
    Taylor, Jordan

    Jordan Taylor grew up in a small town in the American South, where she was raised on equal parts Jesus and fairy tales. ... (read more)

  • Steve Toase
    Toase, Steve

    Steve lives in North Yorkshire, England and occasionally Munich, Germany. His stories tend towards the unsettling and un... (read more)

  • Laurie Tom
    Tom, Laurie

    Laurie Tom is a third generation Chinese American living in the southern California area. She's been entranced by scienc... (read more)

  • J. R. Troughton
    Troughton, J. R.

    James Ross Troughton is a writer of speculative fiction who lives and works in Essex, England. After graduating from the... (read more)