Xycoon Ra

Xycoon Ra

Xycoon Ra is our (fictional) science fiction gatekeeper. He comes from a different Universe where the standards for Science Fiction stories are already so high he felt he could share some of his knowledge with us, here on Earth. He lives and breaths sci/fi and will only allow the best stories to come through.

A bit of an outsider in his world, before meeting with us, he had a few odd jobs, including posing as a model for various sites. His general strong built and menacing appearance were useful for various projects, such as: Sci/Fi – Warrior Wallpaper.

In reality, as Xycoon admitted to our HR department, he’s really soft at heart and would like one day to settle down and have a family and maybe a pet. But until then, he agreed to help us go through the science-fiction slush, and he promised he would be merciless!

So, what kind of science fiction do we like?

Here are some of the sub-genres we prefer:

  • Hard
  • Military
  • Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
  • Space Opera
  • Time Travel
  • Cyberpunk
  • Steampunk
  • Humorous

Regardless of sub-genre, we expect a strong science aspect in these stories in relation to the time when the story takes place, or in relation to our current time. Whether your story is about little green men, or about fury space travelers, or about grandma’s traveling back in time, we are looking for interesting, grabbing tales.

We know that it’s tempting to describe future worlds and future technologies, but we’re not looking for descriptive manuscripts. Your story must stand on its own. The characters must do something and we particularly enjoy when we are able to fall in love with them and with what they do.

The Science Fiction field is quite open and there are ways you can mix it with Fantasy, Horror, or even other genres such as Mystery or Romance. But, your story must be predominantly science fiction. It cannot be simply a story that was artificially moved into the future. You can probably get away with it when you are writing funny/humorous science fiction, but that’s actually not an easy thing to do. We welcome humorous stories, but they must make us laugh. Hard.

Disclaimer: No, Xycoon Ra is not real. We wish he were. Our love for science fiction is such we felt it deserves personification.



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