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What is it?

Each of our future annual anthologies will contain the short stories published from the previous calendar year. Since we are publishing speculative fiction, the words of the day are: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror, with a stronger emphasis on Science Fiction and Fantasy, and slightly less of an emphasis on Horror.

These books will be published in both print and e-Book format. This means that the cover images must be done in maximum resolution and of the highest print quality. However, images should also scale properly, so thumbnails should be legible. You can read more about the sizes below.

Part 1: Book Title

Our anthologies will be named:

Dragons, Droids & Doom
Fantasy Scroll Magazine Year xxxx

The first line is the official title of the anthology series. The second line will mark the volume (such as Year One, Year Two, etc). As you can see, the title of the anthology embodies the three aspects of the stories we publish: Dragons for fantasy, Droids for science fiction, and Doom for horror. You may choose to design this title by having each word follow a specific pattern (such as a gothic font for “dragons,” and a futuristic font for “droids”) or you may choose to make it uniform, so long as the design doesn’t hint too much to only one of the aspects exclusively. For instance, the entire title written with a Star Wars-style font would not work, because that would be too SF-like. We are looking to strike some sort of balance.

The second line is secondary and thus it should be simpler and should not take away the focus from the main title. Also, since we will be editing this line every year this should probably be just simple editable text, as opposed to some vector that cannot be edited easily.

Part 1:

Design the book title containing the first and the second line.

Because this title will be re-used, you must be able to deliver this as a PSD layer. Please make sure to include any fonts you might be using, unless they are standard.

Part 2: Cover

With our first anthology, we’d like to go very literal when it comes to the cover. In other words, it’s called “Dragons, Droids & Doom,” so we’d like to see a dragon and a droid engaged in some kind of epic action.

We prefer landscape, but it is not an absolute requirement. If you choose to create a landscape illustration, make sure the right side of the cover can stand on it’s own, because your image will be wrapped around the book to the back cover, and the right side will be visible on the front cover.

If your image is portrait, make sure it fits properly into the book size.

You should be able to deliver the final cover as a full-resolution PNG file (uncompressed).

Here is the general guideline for your cover art in terms of dimensions. Note that this template shows the spine, but your image should not take the spine into account. Click on the image to download a larger version:



  • All rights to the cover image remains with the artist
  • The artist grants Fantasy Scroll Press the non-exclusive right to use the cover image in perpetuity, without any additional royalty payments
  • Fantasy Scroll Press will retain all rights, exclusively, for the title layer

What do we like?

To get an idea about the style we prefer, check the list of covers we used for our issues during the past year: Cover art.

In addition, here are some links to cover art that we truly enjoy, just to give you more ideas about what we like:

If you have any questions or would like to send us a query about this, please contact us.

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