Cover Art

I want to thank all the artists who kindly contributed their art to our magazine. If you enjoy these pieces, please follow the links to the artists’ pages and help them spread the word. They deserve it. Thank you!

Issue #13

Creature, art by: Todor Hristov
issue-013-cover(read issue)

Issue #12

Monk, art by: Jonathan Gragg
issue-012-cover(read issue)

Issue #11

Fueling Station, art by: Jeremy Vickery
issue-011-cover(read issue)

Issue #10

Soul Ascending, art by: Joshua Hutchinson
issue-010-cover(read issue)

Issue #9

The Critical Moment, art by: Jessica TC Lee
issue-009-cover(read issue)

Issue #8

Industrial Sprint, art by: Chris Drysdale
issue-008-cover(read issue)

Issue #7

Summit, art by: Andreas Rocha
issue-007-cover(read issue)

Issue #6

Mars Station, art by: Franklin Chan
issue-006-cover(read issue)

Issue #5

Lightning Champion, art by: Todor Hristov
issue-005-cover(read issue)

Issue #4

Resistence, art by: Kuldar Leement
issue-004-cover(read issue)

Issue #3

Warrior, art by: Suebsin Pulsiri
issue-003-cover(read issue)

Issue #2

Cyborg Girl, art by: Sabbas Apterus
issue-002-cover(read issue)

Issue #1

The Dragon Rider, art by: Jonathan Gragg
issue-001-cover(read issue)

Issue KS

Karasu, art by: Shichigoro Shingo
issue-ks-cover(read issue)

Introductory Issue

Fading Back to Reality, art by: Carmi (ilovestrawberries)
issue-intro-cover(read issue)

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