Fiction Podcast

Wait what?… Podcast?

podcastYes! In 2015 Fantasy Scroll Magazine is launching a podcast!

Over the last few years the popularity of audio podcasts has grown and it continues to grow. In the same time, audiobooks are becoming more and more popular.

So, to tap into that market we are starting our own audio program featuring stories from our published authors.


How Does It Work?

If you are a writer, it’s very simple: once your story is accepted by our magazine, you will be presented with a contract that will include an optional clause. If you elect to opt-in, your story will become a part of our audio program.

We use professional equipment to produce, record, and edit our podcasts. As for distribution, we will strive to give your story maximum exposure by promoting the podcasts through all possible channels, including our website, ITunes, Soundcloud, Audible, Downpour, and so on. This podcast will be distributed for free under a Creative Commons license. Everyone will be free to download it and distributed it.

If you are a listener, you will have to subscribe to the podcast using your favorite podcast client, or you can simply listen to the audio recordings directly from our website.

Why and When?

Producing a podcast is an integral part of our plan to grow this magazine into something that appeals to a wide audience and that promotes our writers as much as possible. Maybe we are a little bit late to the party, but believe me, we catch up fast!

The podcast will start together with the first issue of 2015, so in February of 2015. The audio files will be available from the site right away, but on the other channels, such as ITunes, they will be published weekly between two consecutive issues.

I hope you will enjoy our new podcast. See you in 2015!

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