Non-Fiction Submission Guidelines

Fantasy Scroll Magazine is currently closed for submissions

open for submissionsTo submit non-fiction to Fantasy Scroll Mag, please read the instructions below. Once you are familiar with these guidelines you can jump to our non-fiction submission form.


Other Guidelines:

What are we looking for?

We want interesting articles that are related to science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal. These could include relevant book and movie reviews, analysis of the publishing business, descriptions of conferences, and so on.

What are we most likely to accept?

We love to read, but we obviously can’t read everything under the sun, so one thing that we are mostly interested in are book reviews. However, we do not want overly critical book reviews; we don’t want to hear why you hated a book, we want to hear why you loved a book. And the same goes for movie reviews.

We are also somewhat science geeks, so we’d love to read some articles related to science.

What we don’t want?

  • Interviews – we are conducting our own interviews for the magazine. If you are an agent or a writer and want to suggest us an interview, please contact us.
  • Rants about anything – we don’t care about them, we won’t publish them.
  • Direct attacks of people or ideas
  • Alternative awards or why you think awards were wrongly awarded

Payments & Rights

We pay a flat $10 per published article. We purchase First Serial rights and electronic rights. 6 months after purchase, most rights return to the author, but we retain the right to continue selling back issues of the magazine, the right to archive your articles, and anthology rights.

Length & Format Considerations

We prefer articles that are at most 1,000 words, but we will accept articles up to 2,000 words. Please do not send anything longer than that. Submit your articles in standard format.

How To Submit

We have a dedicated non-fiction submission form that you can use.

Good Luck!

Iulian Ionescu
Fantasy Scroll Mag
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