Iulian Ionescu
Publisher / Editor-in-Chief
Iulian has a long history of non-fiction writing that traces farther than he’d like to admit (hint: it involves BBS). For a while he was an article ghostwriter for several sites dealing with travel and hospitality, but gave it all up in favor of speculative fiction. He writes science fiction and fantasy and he is currently working on two novels. He also runs a fiction writing blog and he’s very active in social media, so please follow him on Twitter or Facebook (if possible in a non-stalky kind of way). When he’s not writing, Iulian is reading, watching movies, programming in C# or PHP, and spending quality time with his wonderful family in Central NJ. Iulian is also a runner, hoping to run his first marathon in 2014. (read more)

Frederick Doot
Managing Editor
Frederick Doot writes literary fiction, screenplays, film reviews, and blogs both on the the craft of writing, and the continually woeful New York Mets. He is also a freelance editor and participant in various writers groups in North Jersey including: the Fair Lawn Writer’s Circle, the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers Group, the North Jersey Writers Group, the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County, and the Wordweavers of North Jersey.
For much of the summer, his alter-ego, Rick Tood, can be found meandering the woods of the Catskill Mountains near Livingston Manor, New York, hiking, fishing, sippin’ whiskey beside a campfire while howling at the moon, and churning out words for the endless supply of speculative fiction stories that sneak into his mind.
Doot is Chief Editor of Total New Games currently developing the incredibly awesome card game Zombacane, destined to invade tables across the world veeery soon…(don’t say he didn’t warn you!)
Doot is owner of a small sign and lettering company, doot designs, based in Bergen County, New Jersey.
Needless to say (but he’ll say it anyway,)… words are never far from his crafts.
Martha Burns
Senior Fiction Editor
Martha majored in philosophy at William and Mary back when floppy disks were a thing. She then moved on to a doctoral program at the University of California Riverside and proceeded to be a graduate student into the era of the Internet. She got her degree (celebrated with a brand new iMac on which she played the newly-released Sims) and taught courses in critical thinking until she got the brilliant idea to teach yoga. Later, she did the most ill-advised thing ever and taught high school English. Her goal at present is to learn to be the best editor ever of short science fiction and fantasy because she is now at the era of cloud storage and she finally realized you must do what you love the most.
Toby Selwyn
Senior Copyeditor
Toby was hooked on the fantastic and the horrific by the time he started secondary school, then spent most of his teens and early twenties running an online RP site. He now lives in rural Worcestershire, UK, with his partner and their hyperactive labrador, where he works as a freelance editor.
Hamilton Perez
Slush Reader / Proofreader
Hamilton Perez has spent too much time daydreaming to be anything but a writer–which is wonderful, sure, but also rather unfortunate since these days it seems like rent is due every month. He lives in Sacramento, California with two barking dogs. People say there are no dogs, but they’re definitely real. He’s still daydreaming and occasionally writing some of it down, though his most profitable work is written in black marker on a piece of cardboard: “Starving writer—Will barista for sandwiches.”
Alex Hurst
Slush Reader
Alex Hurst was raised in the wilds of the south. Lightning storms and hurricanes created the playpens of her youth, and in the summers, she used to spend all of her time dodging horseflies in a golden river, catching fish and snakes with her bare hands, swinging from vines, and falling out of magnolia trees. These days, she tends to move a lot, though she currently resides in Kyoto, Japan. Alex writes primarily character-driven fantasy, when she’s not slush reading for Fantasy Scroll Mag. When it comes to fiction, Alex loves realistic characters in unreal worlds, high stakes and meaningful reflections on what it means to be human (or nonhuman).
Kelly Smith
Slush Reader
Kelly Smith is a freelance editor and writer who has been obsessed with the written word for as long as she can remember. She specializes in editing science fiction and fantasy but has worked on a variety of other fiction and nonfiction projects. When she is not working with words, Kelly can usually be found reading or daydreaming about travelling the world. She is excited to join the Fantasy Scroll Mag team, where she gets to indulge her own love for stories by discovering some of the great submissions that come through the magazine’s proverbial doors.
Matthew Zellmer
Slush Reader
Matthew Zellmer is a fiction enthusiast and writer from Denton, TX. When he is not busy reading or writing fiction, then he is trapped in his own mind, creating and enjoying amazing adventures for his own entertainment. When talking to Matt, if he seems unfocused or not paying attention, do not take offense; chances are, he’s not even in the same world! Matt loves stories where strong characters are the focal point, great characters lead to great stories. When not reading for Fantasy Scroll, Matt is currently working on multiple short story, and novelette series. He remains active on social media, being most active on Twitter or Wattpad. Feel free to give him a follow, he loves to meet and talk to new people!
Rachel Aronov
Podcast Producer
Rachel was born with a book in her hand, and has been an avid reader ever since. From the fairy tales of her childhood, to the exciting new world in the Lord of the Rings in her adolescence, her passion for fantasy and science fiction grew over time. She not so secretly wishes there exists a parallel Universe where Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek was real and travel on the Enterprise was as easy as booking a trip to the Caribbean. When she isn’t reading or watching movies, or working on a multitude of creative projects, she runs after her overly active son through the pristine fields of New Jersey. Once she thought she saw an alien, but it was just a mere leprechaun.

Former Staff

Michelle Muller
Michelle has spent the majority of her life trying to translate the world into words—usually in the form of speculative or literary fiction or poetry. She currently resides in Estonia where she works as a freelance editor and studies Finno-Ugric linguistics. When not wrestling with language, she plays the guitar, trains horses, and wanders.
Slush Reader Black Belt
M.E. Garber grew up reading about hobbits, space-travel, and dragons, so it’s no wonder that she now enjoys writing speculative fiction. A 2013 graduate of the Viable Paradise Writers’ Workshop, she lives in New Jersey with her husband, and dreams of traveling the world(s).
Alexandra Zamorski
Senior Editor
Alex has always been obsessed with reading, writing, and discovering new authors. She is an experienced editor of books, stories, essays, and more, and is excited to be a part of Fantasy Scroll Mag. Alex is the founder of Calamus, LLC (, has worked for two publishing houses, and holds a degree in Creative Writing. When she’s not obsessing over the written word or raving about a new author, she’s probably watching hockey or finding new trails to run.
Jennifer McGinnis
Slush Reader
Jennifer is a voracious reader of all types of fiction, and she is currently working on a fantasy novel. She also enjoys writing short stories. Jennifer is new to “serious” writing, but has been a serious reader since kindergarten or so. As a first reader at Fantasy Scroll, Jennifer enjoys the opportunity to see the many excellent stories submitted. She has worked for about six years as an editor for non-fiction, and finds the opportunity to work with fiction an exciting one.
Day Jamison
Slush Reader Champion
Day Jamison’s body resides in rural Ohio, but her mind floats around in time and space.
Curtis Jefferson
Slush Reader / Proofreader
Curtis has been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy since he first learned to read and he continues to read voraciously. As someone with a special interest in the unique challenges of writing short fiction, he enjoys the opportunity to be a part of the Fantasy Scroll team. When not reading or working at his day job in education, Curtis is a contract proofreader for two fiction publishers and is part of a team of editors working on a series of anthologies to be released later this year.
Kathleen Price
Slush Reader
Kathleen is a writer of speculative fiction. Having edited scripts for video games and plays, she’s thrilled to join Fantasy Scroll Mag. Kathleen lives in New Jersey, surrounded by teetering stacks of books and a stockpile of coffee large enough to supply half the state through winter. When she isn’t buried in a book, Kathleen is either searching the racks for a new game, crocheting, or showing off her singing voice.
Samantha King
Slush Reader
Sammie is a college student, working towards a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. She’s passionate about reading and writing and you can always find her with a book in her hand or purse and a notebook for story ideas in her backpack. If a purse isn’t big enough to carry a book, she won’t buy it. Samantha runs a blog where she reviews books and movies as well as writes other random things on occasion.
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