Starlight Patrol

sword-and-shieldThe Starlight Patrol is our army of supporters. They help us grow the magazine by being our patrons, helping us with donations and subscriptions, and lending us a hand at spreading the word about our magazine.

You can become a part of the Startlight Patrol by donating a fixed amount, or by donating an amount per issue. Either way, your donations are cumulative; once you reach a certain rank, your benefits will be upgraded to match those of your current rank. And, of course, the more your help us, the faster our magazine will grow!

For more ways to show your support, go to our support page. Check our Honor Wall to see our current supporters.


Starlight Patrol Ranks


$10 – Private
As a Private, you have entered the Starlight Patrol and you are now a proud pillar supporting Fantasy Scroll Mag. Your name will be added to the Honor Wall.


$20 – Corporal
As a Corporal, you are at the next level of support. Your undeniable dedication will be rewarded by your name added to the Honor Wall and inside the next digital issue. You will also receive that issue as a PDF.


$50 – Sergeant
At the Sergeant level, your support is becoming more significant. Your name will be displayed in bold, at the top of the Honor Wall and inside two digital issues. You will receive those two issues as a PDF.


$75 – Lieutenant
At the Lieutenant level, you not only get your name displayed on our Honor Walls (on the website and digital issue), but we also display a link to your personal blog or other website of interest (as long as it doesn’t violate our terms and conditions). You receive six issues as a PDF.


$100 – Major
Now we’re talking! You have elevated yourself to the higher ranks. Your name and link will appear on our Honor Walls, and you will receive eight issues as a PDF/EPUB/MOBI.


$150 – Colonel
As a Colonel, you have taken your support to a whole new level! Your name, link, and optional image and/or description, will appear on our Honor Walls (two digital issues). You will receive eight issues as PDF/EPUB/MOBI, and one e-book anthology (the first one issued after you have reached your rank).


$200 – General
As a General, you have reached the maximum possible rank. At this level, your name will be kept forever on our web Honor Wall, including your name, link, image, and description. Your name and link will be included in up to 4 digital issues and 2 anthologies. You also receive ten issues as PDF/EPUB/MOBI, and one e-book anthology.


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